Welcome to the Zambian Collateral Registry and to its Movable Property Registration System (MPRS). The MPRS is operated by the Collateral Registry Office of the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA). PACRA is a statutory body established under the Patents and Companies Registration Agency Act No. 15 of 2010.

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  • What is collateral?

    Collateral is any movable property, whether tangible or intangible, that is subject to a security interest

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  • Who is a debtor?

    A person is a debtor only if the person’s debt is secured with some (personal) movable property, which the person has rights in.

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  • Public Users

    For more information concerning various functions of the National Collateral Registry, please click the help button above.

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  • Movable Property

    Movable property under the Collateral Registry Regulation, refers to tangible property that can be physically moved like equipment and livestock, or any intangible property like accounts receivable and bank accounts.

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  • Payment Options

    The system has been designed for easy payments. Public Users may pay online.

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  • Can I use my Farm products as collaterals?

    Yes! Farm products including crops (grown, growing or to be grown), fish stocks, poultry, livestock (and their unborn offspring), seeds, and other supplies used or produced during farming operations can be used.

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About the Registry

Welcome to the Movable Property (Security Interest) Registry System. This is a site where all types of security interests in movable property are registered in Zambia. It is a central database housed at PACRA that records all registrations of charges or collaterals created by borrowers to secure credits provided by lenders.

The purpose of this service is to provide a facility for lenders interested in taking collateral as security to search for the proposed collateral if it has an existing security interest registered against it. Creditors can also register security interests against the proposed collateral to protect their priority status in accordance with the Movable Property (Security Interest) Act No. 3 of 2016 and inform other would be leaders of their security interest.

The general rule with the Movable Property (Security Interest) Registry System is that the first registered security interest in the collateral has first priority over any subsequent registrations

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The Zambia Movable Property (Security Interest) Registry System has a number of functionalities for registered users and public users.
The system allows the following types online operations:
  •   Processing of Client Account Registration
  •   Registration of Financing Statement
  •   Processing of Amendment of the Financing Statement
  •   Processing Transfers
  •   Processing Subordination
  •   Processing of Enforcement
  •   Processing of Notice of Extinguishment
  •   Processing of Notice of Discharge
  •   Processing of Search Requests
  •   Processing Payments
  •   Generation of Reports
  •   Application Configuration
  •   Application Administration